Guide me

We advise all users to review the following guidance for a better Bus Open Data Service (BODS) experience.

For a quick tour of what has been published on BODS download the Data Catalogue

  1. Step 1 Read supporting documents

    View user guide

    The user guide includes the schema, road map and best practise using BODS data.

  2. Step 2 See what is on BODS

    Browse data

    You can search and filter the database. You can also download the specific dataset or subscribe or copy the dataset Application Programming Interface (API).

    Download the data catalogue

    Data catalogue will provide you with a comprehensive view of all data published on BODS and provide matching information between different dataset types.

  3. Step 3 Get an account

    Register your account

    A BODS account is required to download data or use the API.

  4. Step 4 Use download

    Download data

    You can filter or download all dataset published on BODS and additional data we provide.

  5. Step 5 Use API

    View developer documentation

    We recommend checking the developer document to find out the parameters available.

    Try API service

    You can investigate the different API parameters present on BODS. This should inform you better on how to utilize the API for your particular use case.

    Get my API key

    Once you have registered you will be given an API key.

    Case studies

    Helpful cases studies are provided to inspire and support your API data journey on BODS.

    BODS Data Extractor Python Package

    A pre build set of Python functions to make it easier to find and extract BODS data from the API.