Acme Bus Co_Elsenham_M3_20210906_1

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Name Acme Bus Co_Elsenham_M3_20210906_1
Data type Timetables data
Data set ID 13135
Description Acme Route M3
Acme Bus Co Access all data uploaded by this publisher
TransXChange version 2.4
BODS compliant data

BODS Compliant Timetables Data

BODS recommends that all publishers use the TransXChange 2.4 PTI 1.1. A PTI profile to publish their timetables data. More information on the profile can be found here.

Data quality report

Data Quality Report

Beyond the usual validation check for the TransXChange 2.4 v1.1 PTI, BODS does additional checks to ascertain the quality of the data and assigns a subsequent score to the data set. More information on the data quality checks can be found here.

Data quality 88% RED
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